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A&S Electrical Solutions

Business Address:
63-B, SGT. P. Bernardo, Caniogan, Pasig City

Registered Address:
017 Villa Raymundo Street, Palatiw, Pasig City

Phone: (02) 745 5458 / (02) 955 9380 / (02) 696 4668
Fax: (02) 955 9380

Website: www.as-electricalsolutions.com

Email: art.urmenita@as-electricalsolutions.com


A&S ELECTRICAL SOLUTIONS is committed to providing the highest quality products and services exceeding our client’s expectations. We shall continue to expand in equipment and facilities, and engage in training and certification programs to further serve customers with utmost excellence and professionalism.

As we carry out our mission, we shall be guided by values of integrity, reliability, commitment, and collaboration.

Service Commitment

Delivering Results, Exceeding Expectations