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A&S Electrical Solutions

Business Address:
63-B, SGT. P. Bernardo, Caniogan, Pasig City

Registered Address:
017 Villa Raymundo Street, Palatiw, Pasig City

Phone: (02) 745 5458 / (02) 955 9380 / (02) 696 4668
Fax: (02) 955 9380

Website: www.as-electricalsolutions.com

Email: art.urmenita@as-electricalsolutions.com


A&S ELECTRICAL SOLUTIONS firmly believes that electricity is the cornerstone of a high-quality life. There will be a never-ending need for products and services to harness and maximize its full potential and use. In doing so, we will be the best-in-class provider of topnotch electrical products and services.

We will be recognized by:

Our Customers

  • As a dependable and reliable distributor and seller of electrical power and control products and services
  • As a proactive company capable of competing in all facets of the marketplace through constant improvement and innovation
  • As a family-owned business that satisfies customers with easy and hassle-free transactions

Our Employees

  • As an employer who values the dedication and commitment of its employees
  • As an innovative and technologically upfront company that ensures employee competence and advancement
  • As an employer who guarantees a safe working environment
  • As an employer who engages in training and certification programs to help employees progress in their personal and professional growth

Our Suppliers

  • As a creative, experienced and top seller of electrical products in the industry
  • As a company who appreciates and recognizes that sustainable partnerships are essential to the company‚Äôs success

Our Industry

  • As a partner that promotes collaboration by engaging in trade associations
  • As a business that makes a difference to the quality of life through the impact of excellent products, services, and solutions